eddy has a lot of old home videos of baby Johis

based off of this post

I’m working on a set of character adoptables!

Last week’s theme was spooning, so i drew toumaki  (/)w(\)

Tonight’s Yowapeda 69 minutes theme on twitter was flower crown! Heres Manami with daisies…

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Yesterday’s Yowapeda 69 minutes challenge from twitter! The theme was Bouquet 

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updated my old fursona, Marble, cause im commissioning her

in which  bunch of ocs switch hairstyles

gene and char, sylvia and isis, sylvia and anna!

Ed and Julian from ACNL

I swear they’re brothers

Some recent drawings, Aspen my witch boy, Mercí my new gargoyle, and some meowrails!

I did my first yowapeda 69 minutes drawing on twitter! Originally I had a much more detailed drawing but I realized I wasn’t going to finish it so I drew this as fast as I could instead.
Also Toudou doesn’t seem like the kind of person who eats cake.. ever. So his cake is a watermelon and fruit cake!
Happy birthday Toudou!