I got in a car accident on the way to school ( i rear-ended someone after hydroplaning) and I need to pay off 900$ by tomorrow morning (10/14!!!) at 10am. I’ve got $686 right now, and I just need a little more, and I need to pay the people i’m borrowing money from back. All commissions will be finished by the end of the week. 

I’ll draw pretty much anything.

Email me at or message me on doomedmaid for commissions, or just reblog to signal boost. Thanks so much.

I didnt realize 50% of all pumpkaboo gijinkas look exactly like the one i just did (orz)

Larvesta and Pumpkaboo! neither have names yet.

i have made four adoptable designs so far but i dont know what to sell them for

im going to make a couple more so i can just post a batch of them and see where things go from there maybe ill make more afterwards if people buy them!

so ive been working on getting my stuff together for youmacon this year, since ive finally got a somewhat solid idea of what cosplays im going to be doing…

Komaeda (SDR2)

Julian (ACNL)

Makishima (YWPD)

God Tier Dave (MSPA) ((maybe))

look at all those four part acronyms that was beautiful. 

anyway, i ordered a bunch of stuff for these cosplays including a binder since ill have to bind for all four of them, but i just got the binder today and its the right size i think but theres no way i am going to be content with spending fifteen minutes getting it on and taking it off because its so hard. its a shame it cost me like $40 cause i just bought a different one with a clip side anyway but at least it was like.. dirt cheap. 

i already have my maki wig, my ko wig came in today as well as the binder, ive had a dave wig, and my julian wig is on the way as well as his legwarmers. i have a friend who is going to make my monomi hoodie for ko, too! i just need to make a few trips to goodwill stores to get all of the clothes together, and get some makeup, figure out my props, and all that other fun stuff. 

so far things are looking pretty good! it even looks like theres going to be a small animal crossing cosplay group among my friends :D

maybe ill remember to upload progress pictures as i go along..

Doing some sketches for school and I like how they’re turning out so far!

eddy has a lot of old home videos of baby Johis

based off of this post

I’m working on a set of character adoptables!

Last week’s theme was spooning, so i drew toumaki  (/)w(\)

Tonight’s Yowapeda 69 minutes theme on twitter was flower crown! Heres Manami with daisies…

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Yesterday’s Yowapeda 69 minutes challenge from twitter! The theme was Bouquet 

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