in which  bunch of ocs switch hairstyles

gene and char, sylvia and isis, sylvia and anna!

Ed and Julian from ACNL

I swear they’re brothers

Some recent drawings, Aspen my witch boy, Mercí my new gargoyle, and some meowrails!

I did my first yowapeda 69 minutes drawing on twitter! Originally I had a much more detailed drawing but I realized I wasn’t going to finish it so I drew this as fast as I could instead.
Also Toudou doesn’t seem like the kind of person who eats cake.. ever. So his cake is a watermelon and fruit cake!
Happy birthday Toudou!


I had fun at godaiko this weekend! Heh

I didn’t get a shot of the shirts but mine says “if found return to maki-chan” and my maki’s says “I am [NOT] maki-chan” ;3;

This only took me a month

Trevor and Claire (stabkov's oc)

im just gonna draw all my future cosplays

trying my hand at some simple animations

trying my hand at some simple animations

Sketching out plans for my monster dollhouse object head halloween cosplay for Youmacon this year!

im making a tiny clay Journey person